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What to Expect

private yoga


Join us for a yoga movement practice to connect your body, breath, and spirit. This session is led by Stacy Shamy, who has studied prana (breath) vinyasa yoga for over 13 years. She has been teaching since 2012 and traveled all over facilitation yoga wellness retreats.


This session is for all levels. It is designed to incorporate stretching facia, lengthening muscles and allowing you to listen to your body.


We will breathe one breath per movement which is focusing on slowing down the breathing, so we connect to each moment with movement. When they connect in practice, we can carry that out into our lives to help reduce anxiety and tension. The mindfulness of each moment will bring awareness to how we show up in our own lives. We will conclude with a sound bath savasana that will help balance out the mind in stillness. 


$98 60 Minute Private Session

$140 90 Minute Private Session

$20 60 Minute Yoga Class @ 5:30pm

$40 60 Minute Yoga Class & Traditional Steam Sauna Package

@ 4:30pm

Please bring your own mat.

Stacy Shamy Yoga Practioner


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