NC License # 15807

Anna Garner

Massage Modalities  

I have been an LMBT since 2015 , and have found a love for Thai Yoga Massage because I enjoy learning about a medicine that is specific to a place and a people.

Traditionally clients are treated on a mat on the floor.  I work in a gentle rhythmic flowing pace to soothe the nervous system, and often apply deep pressure with a foot or knee.


I focus on acupressure points to address energetically the compromised muscle tissue, and accompany that with stretching when needed.


I use tools such as silicone cups, hot stones, Tok sen, and Gua sha.


Thai massage is really a beautiful modality because it simultaneously is working energetically and structurally at the same time . There is also an element of yoga and guided breathing to assist in deeper stretches. It’s slow and introspective, yet expansive and effective  It’s the balanced yin/ yang of treatments. After my first Thai massage, I was totally in awe and in love with Thai massage.

I am also working toward a Healing Touch Program energy work credential to become a HTP- Practitioner.

My favorite session is a 2 hour Thai Mat Massage.


Cupping is a tool that originated from Chinese Medicine in which suction is applied to the skin. Cupping is very effective in breaking structural restrictions, such as adhesions in the fascia.


Gua Sha Techniques 


Areas of Study

2015-Current: North Carolina Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist #15807
2014-2015: Massage Diploma, 600 Hour Massage & Bodywork Therapy Certification Program